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Elevate your pet's grooming with expertise and pampering for their best look and feel.

Are You a Dirty Dog?

We are dedicated to providing quality animal care and take pride in setting the industry standard for grooming facilities. We recognize the unique bond you share with your pets.

Our highly skilled groomers are committed to ensuring a stress-free experience, employing expert handling techniques and using premium, safe products. Whether you prefer breed-standard grooming or have specific preferences, we've got you covered.

Experience professional, top-quality, full-service dog grooming in our open-concept, cage-free environment designed to minimize stress for your furry friend.

Are You A Dirty Dog? is honoured to have received the CommunityVotes Kingston 2020 silver award in the Pet Grooming category! 


Includes bath, brush out, blow dry, haircut/style, nail trim, ear cleaning, and bow or bandanna.


We use a variety of high quality products. Use of oatmeal, hypoallergenic or medicated shampoo products for dogs with sensitivities or skin problems is always included in pricing.


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